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Alright, as we continue our series on the 9 habits of Millionaires, I’d like to ask you a question. Do you really want to be rich? I’m sure your answer is a resounding YES! I mean who wouldn’t? But then, if I ask you, are you committed to being rich? The answer might not be so simple, and in most cases, it’s actually a sheepish “Well No, not really”. This leads us straight into our next habit.

Habit 7: Being 100% Committed.

Millionaires or successful people of any kind are 100% totally committed to achieving their dreams. I personally realized long ago that I merely wished to be financially free. You see, when you think about what it takes to actually become a millionaire, exercising all the previous habits we’ve seen so far, I’m actually not too happy about the hard work and sacrifice that goes with it. If it fell in my lap, that would be great but otherwise, it’s just a nice fantasy to cling onto.

To become a millionaire is simple but certainly not an easy process. I mean, most of these habits we’ve looked at aren’t really rocket science. But living them out on a daily basis isn’t so easy. Once you decide to become a millionaire, you will face heavy opposition and obstacles. Life isn’t going to just hand you everything on a silver platter. You have to fight for your goals. When everything is going to hell in a hand basket around you, you must be committed enough to your goal that you stick it thru.

Being 100% committed means when that when you fail 10, 50, 100 times, you don’t give up. You simply modify your approach and change what’s not working and press on. Most of us quit when we fail the first time because achieving that goal isn’t really a MUST. Whenever something in our lives is an absolute must, then we will do whatever it takes. Notice that for most people, being rich isn’t a Must hence there are so few rich people. On the other hand surviving is an absolute must for all of us so the majority of us are merely…that’s right, surviving. We easily give up and find all sorts of excuses why we can’t why it won’t work.

For example, when you have your landlord threatening to throw you out of your house because the rent is due, do you ever notice how you somehow manage to find the money even when you’re broke? See, you must come to a point where it’s absolutely a must to achieve success and that nothing else will do.

I remember a couple of years ago when the Rogue King and I started our first business together, I can’t even begin to count the number of friends and strangers alike who kept praising us for stepping out and starting a business. They went on and on about how being employed is no way to get rich and how they also wanted to start their own thing and succeed. 6years later I can’t pinpoint even one who has gone onto do so. Why? Because it’s not really a must for them to do so. They merely wish of doing it someday.

 To be a millionaire you must really, really want to be one and make certain that you have pressure to achieve your goal. This kind of positive pressure is gained by staking all you have on your dream. Stake everything on achieving your goal. The easiest way to get this sort of pressure on yourself, is to make a public declaration. Write down your goals. Tell a friend. If you want to quit that job and start a business, write out your resignation letter and give it to a friend to hand it in for you after a specific period if you haven’t gotten out by then. Declare to the bloggers that if you don’t hit a target of 500,000/= a month in profit from your business, then you will buy the entire rounds for the next 3 Bloggers Happy Hour.

The point is, you must, absolutely must be committed to being a millionaire or else life’s challenges and obstacles will knock you out of the race before you’ve even taken 5steps.  I leave you with this interesting analogy. In a meal of bacon and Eggs, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed. So the question I ask once again, are you really committed to being a millionaire?

Till next time for habit 8: Turn failure into Success,



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Ok, moving on to the next critical habit in the series 9 habits of Millionaires. So far we’ve looked at habit 1: Always exceed expectations and habit 2: Be proactive. Today lets look at one of my personal favorites. This doesn’t apply only to Millionaires but to all of us. In order to live well and live truly, we must practice the following;

Habit 3: Take 100% Responsbility

If there is one habit that we all absolutely need to get in life, it is certainly this one. Taking 100% Responsibility for our lives is absolutely key for being successful. It basically says, whatever I am in life, wherever I am In life, whatever I do in life, is simply because I’e chosen so. To put it more bluntly, the results in your life are absolutely your fault. You choose to be average or excellent, you choose to be married or single, you choose to ignorant or educated. You even choose to be poor or rich. 

Millionaires know this very well. It ties back to our last habit of being Proactive. Sadly the majority of us prefer to blame everyone and everything else for their current position in life. No money, no time, poor background, no education or whatever. You may say I didn’t choose to be born in a poor family. True, but you can choose if your going to remain poor. You say, I didn’t choose to be married to a spouse who later became abusive. True, but you can choose to stay in that relationship and be abused. 

Everything in our lives is a result of a concious or unconcious decision on our part. If you choose to disregard this, then you have made a choice and your life will always be dependent on your unconcious choices and other peoples choices. You cannot go around blaming everyone and everything else for your circumstances and expect to be a millionaire.  Take 100% responsibility. 

Millionaires realise that if they don’t take responsibility, then they are at the mercy of othersor circumstance and therefore are powerless to do anything about. Millionaires believe that they alone are responsible for their wealth and results in life and that they have complete power to change their lives by changing their strategies and actions. When you do the same,take 100% responsibility and get rid of all the excuses and accept that your life is a result of the choices you’ve made so far, then you will be free to become the wealthy person you dream of being.

This applies in all areas of your life, not just your career or finances. Everything, your relationships, your faith, your health. You are responsible in one way or another. So step up and do what must be done.

Till next time when we look at Habit 4: Delayed Gratification (another one that most people will hate:) God bless


There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley

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