Wow, we’re ever coming closer to completing this series on the 9 habits of Millionaires. I am blessed that you guys have been continually following with me as we explore these fascinating habits. I am glad that you guys like me, really want to turn our lives around for the better and not be just average. So right to it then.

Habit 6: Acting with Integrity

Integrity is about being totally honest with yourself, with others and holding a high moral standard. It’s about doing what you say you will and acting consistently with what you say you believe. When you act with Integrity, everyone around you, your family, friends, customers, staff will trust endearingly in you. That’s because they always know where they stand with you. Your customers will always beat a path to your doorstep because they know you’ll give them the highest value for money and not cheat them. Integrity means fulfilling your promises even when it’s going to cost you to do so. It means actaully working 8hours a day that you are paid to and not just playing with facebook, blogging and reading newspapers on the job. 

I must confess, I am appalled at the lack of integrity in Uganda today. It’s extremely maddening that people will lie and cheat like they eat & breathe. Even kids now have no problem in cheating on their exams and copying each others courseworks. If there is a reason why Uganda’s progress has slowed and even seems to be reversing, it’s because of a great lack in integrity. Reputation means nothing to people anymore. Look at your global funds, GAVI, election fraud, massive corruption. I wrote about this last year here.

Millionaires are people of Integrity. The word of a millionaire is worth millions. Sure there are a few(an in our case, seems like the majority) of millionaires who have lying, cheating, scum of the earth but as a rule of thumb their wealth will not last. The book of Proverbs 13:11 says

Wealth gained dishonestly dwindles away, but he who gathers by hand makes it grow.”

I’m personally learning each day to live with Integrity. It’s not easy but it must be done. In a country like ours, the millionaires are going to come from the few individuals who are absolutely trustworthy in the midst of the insane dishonesty and corruption. I am working to make sure that I am one of the few, how about you?

I’ll close with this interesting fact. In the bestselling book ‘The Millionaire Mind’, author Thomas Stanley interviewed 733 multi-millionaires and asked them what were the key factors that contributed to their wealth. Ranked number one was ‘being honest with people‘. This factor was ranked way ahead of factors like ‘making wise investments’, ‘working hard’ and ‘having a competitive spirit’. Think about that till we next meet to discuss habit 7: Be 100% Committed.


“Integrity is the essence of everything successful” Richard Buckminister Fuller


Hello people, I hope you are enjoying this series on the 9 habits of Millionaires. Lets continue.

Habit 5: Do what you love

All successful people in this world have one thing in common. They do what they love.

In Uganda, most of us are looking for shortcuts to getting money and we’re constantly looking for the right business or career path that will get us there. For a while I recall that IT was considered the choice career and then it was Procurement so that people could be on tender boards and eat “enjawulo”.

Let me make this clear, you can never be successful unless you wake up everyday excited & full of passion for the work your going to do. People who love what they do don’t even see it as work. They enjoy themselves tremendously and eat, sleep, breathe what they do. As a result, they become the absolute best at what they do. They are walking encyclopedias about their particular field.

In any industry/ profession there will always be a minority who earn millions and the rest of the majority who earn just enough to get by. Why? Because those who earn the millions absolutely love what they do while the rest of us simply do it because that’s what you studied or it’s where you were told the money is.  There is no perfect millionaire career path. Whatever it is you choose, you can be a millionaire. You simply have to be absolutely 12o% committed to being the best in that particular field. And you can only do so in something that you love doing.

Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world because of his intense love for the game and his obsessive commitment to practice and improvement. The same was true for Michael Jordan. He wasn’t the most gifted basketball player. Infact, he was rejected from his high school team the first time he tried. But his love for the game and commitment to training made him a legend. Steven Speilberg loves making movies, Tom Clancy loves writing about all things military, Museveni loves to rule 🙂

Realise one thing about all these people is despite the fortunes they’ve amassed, they still continue working. That’s because for them, it’s not about the money per se; its about their passion and being the absolute best at what they do. They love what they do so much, they would do it for free!

If you’re wondering why you aren’t successful, why you aren’t motivated or focused, the reason is very simple. You’re not doing what you love. Find what you love. We have been taught by our parents that in order to be successful, you gotta find a good job and work real hard for 30years. Simply put,

go to school > work hard > make enough money > do what you’ve always wanted

but the millionaire principle is

find what you love > become real good at it > make tons of money > continue doing what you love.

Again, it really doesn’t matter what it is you love. It maybe technology, sports, clothes, cooking, baby sitting, writing, nsenene, gonja, whatever.You can be a millionaire doing anything you choose as long as you’re the best in the business.

So let us ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What do I love to do? What would I do even if I’m not getting paid?
  2. If time, money, resources were not an issue, what would you be doing on a daily basis?
  3. Who are the people who have made a fortune around my passion?

Answer these questions and get serious about making your fortune doing what you love. Next up, Habit 6:Acting with Integrity


Greetings dear bloggers and what a short weekend it was. Before I get into this session, let me first send a shout out to my bro the RogueKing whose blog is finally back online after a brief hiatus. So welcome back man, we missed you.

Now, we continue in our series the 9 habits of Millionaires. So far we’ve looked at the habit of giving more than expected, of being proactive and of taking 100% responsibility. As we come halfway in this series I’d be most glad to hear your personal opinions on each habit and how you may or may not challenged in implementing them. So, lets move on shall we.

Habit 4: Delayed Gratification.

Gratification, what a word! Almost conjures up images of sordid carnal pleasure. Well that’s really what it is. Most of us prefer instant gratification which is enjoying right now and to hell with waiting for future benefits. As a result, we spend so much more than we ever invest. By spending on that new car, new flat screen tv, exorbitant rental house or even chips & chicken, we get our instant gratification. But when it comes to saving, investing in land, stocks or even books & training we feel like “Oh Gosh, do we have to?”

 People who want instant gratification will always look for quick and easy ways of making money rather than building a sustainable business that adds value to customers. They tend to cut corners on quality add deliver shoddy products to save money and boost short term profits. As a result, their profits rarely last and they will soon go out of business. A very typical Ugandan trait, I have observed.

Millionaires on the other hand, are in the habit of delaying their personal gratification for a future time when they can very easily afford it many times over. They prefer to invest their money in things and ventures that will make them more money in the future. If a millionaire got 1,000,000 shillings, he would find something that could in future turn that into 2million or 4million or more. Yes, even spending it on a good course or training in business, personal development or just buying books would result in multiple returns for the millionaire. If I gave it you right now, I’m sure investing it would be the last thing on your mind. You’d be paying off debts, buying rims for your car, taking a month off from work to lounge or some other form of instant gratification.(No offense:)

Millionaires invest far more than they spend. They know that with patience, their money will multiply into a fortune in the future. According to the New York Times Bestseller, The Millionaire Next Door, most millionaires are actually extremely frugal, i.e. they spend very little on personal luxuries and pleasures. They will rather buy a suit of 250,000/= and invest 750,000/= unlike most of us who would just dash for the 1M Vialli Suit and matching cufflinks! That’s not to say millionaires are cheapskates, they just don’t waste their resources.

Millionaires never take shortcuts in business. They look at always giving the best value to their customers, even if it means earning less at present. They know that by building their reputation, it will lead to huge profit streams in the future.

So my dear readers, to be a millionaire, you need to learn to put off the now and invest your resources wisely and reap the rewards in the future. I close this session with a story that best eschews what I’m talking about. I was once with a friend and we observed and elderly Indian man driving an S-Class Mercedes Benz. To be honest, I was shocked cause it’s not a sight you see very often or even expect to given the rep Indians have for being frugal. I remarked to my friend and he told me something I’ll never forget. He said that by the time you see an Indian drive such a car, just be sure that he can afford ten of them.

Moral; a true millionaire doesn’t blow money they don’t have but rather only a small portion of their net worth. So next time your going to waste money on yet another pair of shoes you’ll only wear once, why not but a good personal development book that will multiply you as a person for the rest of your life?

Next habit number 5: Do what you love


Ok, moving on to the next critical habit in the series 9 habits of Millionaires. So far we’ve looked at habit 1: Always exceed expectations and habit 2: Be proactive. Today lets look at one of my personal favorites. This doesn’t apply only to Millionaires but to all of us. In order to live well and live truly, we must practice the following;

Habit 3: Take 100% Responsbility

If there is one habit that we all absolutely need to get in life, it is certainly this one. Taking 100% Responsibility for our lives is absolutely key for being successful. It basically says, whatever I am in life, wherever I am In life, whatever I do in life, is simply because I’e chosen so. To put it more bluntly, the results in your life are absolutely your fault. You choose to be average or excellent, you choose to be married or single, you choose to ignorant or educated. You even choose to be poor or rich. 

Millionaires know this very well. It ties back to our last habit of being Proactive. Sadly the majority of us prefer to blame everyone and everything else for their current position in life. No money, no time, poor background, no education or whatever. You may say I didn’t choose to be born in a poor family. True, but you can choose if your going to remain poor. You say, I didn’t choose to be married to a spouse who later became abusive. True, but you can choose to stay in that relationship and be abused. 

Everything in our lives is a result of a concious or unconcious decision on our part. If you choose to disregard this, then you have made a choice and your life will always be dependent on your unconcious choices and other peoples choices. You cannot go around blaming everyone and everything else for your circumstances and expect to be a millionaire.  Take 100% responsibility. 

Millionaires realise that if they don’t take responsibility, then they are at the mercy of othersor circumstance and therefore are powerless to do anything about. Millionaires believe that they alone are responsible for their wealth and results in life and that they have complete power to change their lives by changing their strategies and actions. When you do the same,take 100% responsibility and get rid of all the excuses and accept that your life is a result of the choices you’ve made so far, then you will be free to become the wealthy person you dream of being.

This applies in all areas of your life, not just your career or finances. Everything, your relationships, your faith, your health. You are responsible in one way or another. So step up and do what must be done.

Till next time when we look at Habit 4: Delayed Gratification (another one that most people will hate:) God bless


There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday dear Apprentice…..

Ok ok enough singing for myself but i couldn’t help it cause today is a vary special day for me; not just because its my birthday but it’s my 30th birthday! This is  of great significance because in the Bible, the 30th year was considered the coming of age year when a boy becomes a man and begins to fulfill his ministry or purpose in this life.

Let’s look at Joseph. He had a calling on his life but it only came to be when he became 30. King David, annointed King of Israel but only actually became so at 30. And most importantly, our Lord Jesus. His official ministry began when He too became 30.

So, I’m pondering and asking the Master, what is my ministry/ purpose that I’m to embark on now that I’ve hit the big three-oh? Perhaps its simply the ministry of Fatherhood as my daughter is due in a month and half? Perhaps it’s as an entreprenuer with my business

For most men, this age brings an onset of the midlife crisis which is basically a man desperate for some meaning, direction and hope for his life. Wondering what happened to his dreams, how he got to being who and where he is currently, and more importantly is this mundane, unsatisfying life going to go till he dies? These questions really cause us problems and for the longest time, I asked myself such. I even started feelin this hopeless when I hit 25!!!

Anyways, whatever it is, I choose to walk boldly into this new era of my life and trusting that God is true to His word that His plans for me are many, they are wonderful and beyond anything I can dare think, ask or even dream. So let it be unto me according to His Will.

Happy Birthday Kiddo. You a man now.

Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.
 Betty Friedan

Shalom good people, on my last post, I started a series on the 9 habits of millionaires. We looked at the first habit which is “Always exceed expectations”. Today we continue learning these powerful yet simple habits that will elevate our lives. So…

Habit 2: Be Proactive

To be proactive simply means to take the initiative and plan for a desired outcome or make things happen. Proactive is the opposite of reactive. Reactive means waiting for things to happen and then responding to them. In order to be a millionaire, you must be the kind of person that makes things happen. Millionaires don’t wait around for opportunities to hit them like water thrown carelessly out of a kazigo doorway. Millionaires actively seek opportunity and if they can’t find them, they create their own.

Most of us unfortunately are too reactive. We sit around whining, complaining and waiting for something to happen or for God to drop everything we want in our laps. How many times have you heard statements like these; When the government reduces taxes, I’ll start that business. Or when my kids finish school, then i’ll be able to make real savings? How about,when my boss leaves the company, then I’ll get that promotion? I’ll become rich when the ecomony becomes better.

Do you see the inherant problem with this attitude? It gives away all your power to succeed to forces completely outside of your control. What happens when your kids rebound infinitely,or your boss never leaves or the government just keeps on increasing taxes-like they are doing?

Being Reactive stagnates and kills you while being Proactive puts you in a position of power and choice. Millionaires don’t have to put everything onhold till circumstances are right. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m rich because the economy is doing great?” Think about that one abit. To be a Millionaire means by it’s very essence you have to choose to be one and take actions to be one. You don’t just accidentally become one! Well atleast not 99% of people and odds are that you like most of us, don’t have millionaire ancestors to inherit from 🙂

So good people, be proactive and change your life. The next habit we’ll be looking at is Habit 3: Taking 100% Responsibility. I believe this is one habit that most people will probably have great difficulty dealing with but we’ll see.

Till next time.

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” 
George Bernard Shaw“Mrs. Warren’s Profession” (1893) act II

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Greetings good people,

it’s yet another beautiful week starting off with monday morning rains. Getting out of bed was particularly painfull today but seeing as I have chosen to be one of the 5% of the worlds population-you know, the chaps that hold almost 80% of the worlds wealth-I had to get up and slog my way in the rain and jam to work.

I thought that I might share with you the 9habits of successful people as outlined by Adam Khoo in his ebook of the same name. We all want to be prosperous, having the beach house, the rolls royce and the freedom to never worry about being broke again but how exactly should we live and think in order to get there? Well without a doubt there are certain qualities that we MUST forster inorder to succeed. Over the next few posts, I will share with you my understanding of these 9 gems which I know will intrigue you so stay put.

Now without further adue;

Habit 1: Always Exceed Expectations

Yep thats right. The first thing you gotta do is always do more than is expected of you. Doesn’t sound like fun I know, who wants to do more than they really need to? Strangely, even Jesus spoke of this one when He said..”If some asks for your coat, give him your shirt too. If someone asks you to walk a mile with him, walk two” True millionaires have this hard wired in their nature. Millionaires, do more, read more, learn more, save more, invest more, risk more and believe more than the rest of us. Thats why they are millionaires and we aren’t. Atleast not yet anyways.

To illustrate the point; if you asked a true millionaire to cut the grass in your compound, they would not just cut the grass but  collect it, dispose of it, trim the hedges, water the flowers and even put fertilizer and landscape for you 🙂 Millionaires go the extra mile and give more value than is asked of them. Typically, this is a hard one for most of us. We prefer to do the absolute least in order to get by. We work just enough on our jobs not to get fired. Sad but true. Before grumbling about a raise that was denied to you, how much value have you added to your employer?

In order to be millionaires, we must learn to give much more than what we’re asked. When you are given 100,000 to do a job and and you do a job worth 300,000, guess who’s going to get repeat business, great reputation and referalls as well as command a 300k fee to the next person? But most of us will actually give 20k worth of value and get a bad rep in the process, losing out on any further business.

So to earn millions, you must get in the habit of giving millions worth of work. Go the extra mile.

Look out for the next post which will have Habit 2: Be Proactive


“Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye give to others, it shall be measured to you again.” Jesus Christ, The Master


For all those who are looking to see the rest of the habits, here they are neatly listed and linked for your easy access.