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Greetings fellow blogriends – yes it’s a weak attempt to create a new word from bloggers and friends. I confess a case of the blogcks. Socks.

After a long hiatus, taking some much needed time off and soul searching, the Apprentice is back for your blogging pleasure. The Master has been graciously dealing with me these past two and half months. About what you ask? Well there’s no simple answer really but suffice to say, about living life in the palm of His hand. Trust. Faith. Hope.

I’ve had the most wonderful time bonding with my amazing wife, watching her belly grow as my firstborn grows bigger each day. There’s nothing quite like feeling your unborn child kicking against her mothers womb or seeing the magic of creation via an ultrasound scan. A mind-boggling miracle yet just another days work for the Master. He’s so awesome.

The hiatus wasn’t exactly self imposed but rather as a result of being downsized from the company I was working at. Yeah I was a victim of the global recession. Pity me. The Great Master, though, in His infinite wisdom had tired of my excusitis and finally helped me make a decision to leave that I’d been putting off forever. A not so gentle shove in the right direction you could call it. And boy am I grateful He did.

As it turns out, I am now come full circle and back to an exciting and daring business adventure with my long time friend and creative extraordinaire, the RogueKing. He and the Master have decided they need my humble talents to further the RogueKings outrageous plans for world domination. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I am totally excited about the idea of working.

All I can say is, we’ll be living on the edge of accepted business practice, innovation and excellence that is unheard of in these dark recesses of this very dark continent. A bold claim I confess, but you don’t know the kind of crazy things the Rogue and I have always dreamed of. Plus, you dear bloggers will hold us accountable to our lofty claims. Look out for more posts. These are invigorating times…

Kiteus, Alteus, Forteous – Bigger, better, faster or is Stronger, Higher, Faster…? Agh! Foreign languages!



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