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So yeah, i’m back after a long abscense to tell you that i’m leaving for the holidays. Yep, its that wonderful time of the year where I can’t somehow help but belt out the phrase “BAAA HUMBUG!”

I know you must be shocked that I, of all people, an Apprentice to the Master in whose honor we supposedly celebrate this season, could be saying such things. Well truth be told, I actually hate the over commercialization and materialism that Christmas is all about these days. 

Everyone thinking about food and drink and gifts. Nobody thinking about the Master being born in a manger, come to save us from out own demise. John 3:10 For God so loved the world… Now thats an amazing gift. But it’s the least acknowledged or even wanted gift. Be honest with yourself. 

So once again, I’m thankful for the 2week break from work but i’m loathe at all the nagging xmas carols and decorations all around me throughout the period. Well it could be worse, could be snow lined streets, snow men, santa’s helpers and God forbid, Reindeer. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish to dismiss the whole holiday cheer. I’m still trying to find meaning for myself in this whole thing. The pressure is on now, cause I have a wife and someday kids who will be desperate for some sort of xmas tradition. I pray the Master will show me the paths of righteousness and holly jolly spirit. 

I say we need to rediscover the true meaning of these holidays and be givers more than getters. Lets give more love, more forgiveness, more laughter, more peace, more compassion. Lets focus not on how much we’re going to spend on ourselves but rather how much of ourselves we can spend on others.

Well, I bid you all a very warm and Merry Christmas and supremely prosperous New Year in 2009. Peace, Love and Joy to all. May the Lord Christ be at the center of your homes and lives.


Addendum: Someone just pointed out to me,that in the heat of my own rant, i proved my own point of how christmas has lost it’s true meaning when inadvertently misquoted John 3:16 as John 3:10! I’d love to say it was a typo but…I am terribly embarrassed but thankyou. God bless you, i know He has done so for me.


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